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MathWorks Support Solutions in MATLAB Answers

MathWorks-authored technical support solutions are now part of Answers in MATLAB Central. 

In the past MATLAB users had to go to two different places to find questions and answers.  MathWorks-authored technical support solutions were located in the support area on the MathWorks website, while community questions and answers were located in Answers on MATLAB Central.  Now both are located in MATLAB Answers. This creates a one-stop shop for MATLAB users to find answers to their questions, making the process faster and easier. 

Screenshot Answers Example Chrome

At first glance, these appear to be questions and answers with the same contributor.  In reality these Support Answers are questions that were previously asked to MathWorks Technical Support by customers.  The “MathWorks Support Team” contributor name will appear as both the questioner and answerer, even though the question was originally asked by someone else. 

A lot of Support Answers were recently added to MATLAB Answers, and we want to make sure it is still easy for Community members to find what they are looking for.  There is a toggle filter located in the left navigation panel titled “Refine by Source.” Clicking on one of the two options will make search results display either Community or MathWorks Support contributions. 

Screenshot Answers Refine by Source Chrome

Another way to differentiate between Community and MathWorks Support content is this little blue MathWorks icon located in the top right corner of all MathWorks Support contributions: Screenshot Blue Logo mini  

Below we show an example of a simple product download question that MATLAB users have asked.  The three most relevant solutions found in MATLAB Answers are shown for “How to download older version of MATLAB”

Answers Screen Shot Search Page with Criteria Chrome

As you can see, the first and third questions with accepted answers is from the MathWorks Support Team, and the second question is from someone within the MATLAB Central Community.  If you drill into the top question the next screen will show the question previously asked by a MATLAB user, and the answer MathWorks Support provided the user.  Any additional Community comments and answers will also be visible on this page.

We think this will make MATLAB Answers even more useful as a resource for MathWorks-related inquiries.

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