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Closing Time at the Document Bar 10

When you are done working with a “document” (M-File in the Editor, variable in the Array Editor, docked Figure, etc.) MATLAB offers a plethora of ways to close it:

You can select File->Close my…

Feeling colorful? 18

Some days my eyes are tired and other days I am just bored with a white background and black text. On these days I go and set my MATLAB Desktop background and foreground colors to something… read more >>

Focusing on your work 4

The MATLAB Desktop is packed with so many great tools, but sometimes they can become distracting. The easiest way to zone into your work, whether that be in the Editor, the Command Window or any… read more >>

T-Shirts! 5

In my previous post, I asked you to send us a screenshot of your desktop layout. So far, my mailbox has been sadly empty. To entice you to send us those screenshots, I am offering up MathWorks… read more >>

Keeping your fingers on the keyboard 4

The point and click capabilities of the MATLAB desktop make it easy to learn and use but once you’ve worked with MATLAB for a while you may find that you are most productive keeping your fingers on… read more >>