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Just give me a new line! 6

Posted by admin,

Typing several commands to run at the command line can be tedious and hard to read. After typing in several long commands, the text scrolls way over and it is hard to see exactly what has been typed. In the example below, I typed several commands to generate… read more >>

Printing hyperlinks to the Command Window 29

Posted by admin,

I quite often get asked how to print out hyperlinks to the Command Window. It’s really easy! The Command Window accepts <a href tags that contain valid links. Valid links contain http:// or matlab:. The Command Window treats any text after the matlab: syntax, inside the quote… read more >>

Scroll less with Editor Bookmarks 8

Posted by admin,

When I am working on code, I find that I often need to move back and forth between two places in the code – sometimes several places in the code. The best way to do this in MATLAB is with Bookmarks in the Editor. To add a bookmark… read more >>

Feeling colorful? 18

Posted by admin,

Some days my eyes are tired and other days I am just bored with a white background and black text. On these days I go and set my MATLAB Desktop background and foreground colors to something different. I usually like the soothing colors of a light blue background… read more >>

Focusing on your work 4

Posted by admin,

The MATLAB Desktop is packed with so many great tools, but sometimes they can become distracting. The easiest way to zone into your work, whether that be in the Editor, the Command Window or any other component, is to issue a quick double click to the title bar.
This gesture acts…

Oops, I accidentally closed MATLAB!! 4

Posted by admin,

If you have always wanted a confirmation dialog to prevent you from accidentally closing MATLAB, we added one a few of releases ago (R14sp2). It is off by default, but you can easily enable it by going to Preferences, Confirmation Dialogs, and checking “Confirm before exiting MATLAB”. Voila,… read more >>

T-Shirts! 5

Posted by admin,

In my previous post, I asked you to send us a screenshot of your desktop layout. So far, my mailbox has been sadly empty. To entice you to send us those screenshots, I am offering up MathWorks t-shirts!… read more >>

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