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#TBT: NASA’s 2001 technology

As we celebrate MATLAB Central’s 15th anniversary, many of the blog authors are taking a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Since my blog launched a mere 6 months ago, that would be a mighty short… read more >>

This algorithm is key to space travel, GPS, VR and more, and it is over 50 years old 24

Earlier this week, MIT Technology Review published an article “How an Inventor You’ve Probably Never Heard of Shaped the Modern World” which described Rudolf Kálmán’s contribution to modern-day… read more >>

Bringing Pokémon Go one step closer to Dynamic Augmented Reality 2

This technique lets us capture the physical behavior of objects, which gives us a way to play with them in virtual space. By making videos interactive, we can predict how objects will respond to unknown forces and explore new ways to engage with more >>

Using wavelet transforms and machine learning to predict droughts 1

Earlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its report State of the Climate in 2015, which showed extreme drought occurred on every continent in the past… read more >>

Data Visualization in the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics

The colours represent time. Purple for early years, through blue, green to yellow for most recent years. The colour scale used is called ‘viridis’ and the graphics were made in MATLAB. – Dr. Ed more >>

Drones that can help fight wildfires

The analysis of video information from standard drones can provide a methodology to monitor remote areas for new fire outbreaks. A group of researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid developed an application for early wildfire detection that analyzed images from existing drones’ low-cost camera equipment. The project relies on image processing capabilities in more >>

NASA used this camera to capture the Martian Morse code seen in photo

Earlier this month, Fox News reported, “Stunning NASA image shows ‘Morse code’ dunes on Mars.” New pictures from the surface of the red planet showed an uncharacteristic collection of… read more >>

VEX Robotics World Championship on ESPN2. Watch Tonight!

The VEX Robotics championships will be broadcast on national TV for the first time ever. But that’s not the only first for this competition! According to the Washington Post, this year’s competition also marks the first time a team from Syria competed at the international level. The team is comprised of refugee teens who overcame limited resources to earn a spot in the international more >>

This AI-augmented microscope uses deep learning to take on cancer 7

UCLA researchers combined a new form of microscopy called photonic time-stretch imaging with deep learning. With this powerful new technique, they were able to capture 36 million video frames per more >>

As cheating goes high tech, so does the Tour de France to catch the cheaters

The Tour de France started this weekend. And sadly, as with many elite sports, bicycle racing is under the microscope for cheating once again. There have been allegations of doping in the Tour de… read more >>

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