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Start-up helps two big sisters create a custom, synthesized voice for their sister 1

Maeve is an eleven-year-old that lives just outside of Boston with her parents and two big sisters. She has cerebral palsy and relies on a computer-generated voice synthesizer to communicate. The… read more >>

Wirelessly Powering a Smart Pill From Outside the Body

Smart pills will change the way medical professionals treat disease. Researchers are developing tiny capsules that can be placed within a patient to communicate vital information both to and from the… read more >>

All-time heat records set around the globe last week: Some great climate visuals 2

Phew… that was hot!
Last week was more than warm here in the Northeast. Meteorologists called the phenomena an oppressive heat dome. We weren’t alone in our suffering. In fact, much of the globe was… read more >>

Your Taxi Rides Are Being Tracked. See What Data Mining the Rides Can Show.

Data tracking. Data mining. Privacy issues. There’s no shortage of discussion on these topics this year, with good reason.
We’re being tracked by our internet activity and through on our social media… read more >>

The laurel vs. yanny debate… Did someone tamper with the sound file? 5

The “laurel” versus “yanny” debate is everywhere this week. Even CNBC has joined the discussion by renaming market sentiment. The bulls are now team laurel and the bears… read more >>

A praying mantis could teach robots a thing or two about 3D machine vision

What’s the best way to teach a robot or drone to see in 3D? Quite possibly, the answer is to teach it to think like an insect. A praying mantis, to be more specific.
A team at the Institute of…

IoT-enabled Halter for Horses uses Machine Learning and a Whole Lot More! 3

Justify just won the Kentucky Derby, besting the field by 2 ½ lengths on Saturday. He was purchased as a yearling at auction for $500,000.  And while not all horses cost that much, it’s fair to say… read more >>

Machine learning to the rescue – When you just cannot hold still for an MRI

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan uses the body’s natural magnetic properties and radio waves to produce detailed images of the brain and the brain stem. Since no radiation is used, it is… read more >>

With one hand and three drumsticks, Cyborg Drummer wants to take his music on tour 2

Jason Barnes had wanted to be a professional drummer since he was a teenager. At age 22, Barnes lost his arm after an industrial accident at work. The accident occurred three days before Barnes was… read more >>

Bug Brain Beats Machine Learning 7

Living organisms have long provided inspiration for technology. Biomimicry of birds helped us design our first aircraft, while the structure of seed burs was copied for Velcro. Today, biomimicry is… read more >>

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