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ThingSpeak MQTT Update: Access Control and IoT Device Management

ThingSpeak has released an update to the MQTT service that improves access control and device management for IoT projects. This new interface is available to all ThingSpeak users. Learn more in the ThingSpeak Doc.

If you have used ThingSpeak MQTT in the past, I wanted to mention one big change to how you access the service. The new MQTT service is available at the hostname: mqtt3.thingspeak.com.

If you decide that MQTT is right for your IoT project, you can start by adding a new device to your ThingSpeak account. This will set up the MQTT credentials needed for the device to connect to ThingSpeak. MQTT works well for low-power devices and low-latency applications.

ThingSpeak’s new MQTT support includes:

  • Improved access control
  • More concurrent subscriptions
  • Device management
  • Streamlined topic patterns to make coding easier

We’ve updated our documentation to include several new MQTT examples with code for the new interface. We have added a new example to secure the transmission of data between devices and ThingSpeak.

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