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搜索结果: 2016

Singing the Praises of Strings 7

There is a new way to work with textual data in MATLAB R2016b. The new string datatype haven't got enough attention from me until recently. I have been chatting with colleagues Matt Tearle and Adam Sifounakis and we have each discovered a similar beautiful code pattern in MATLAB for generating a sequence of strings.... 更多内容 >>

Understanding Wavelets: Tech Talks Available 2

Understanding Wavelets: Tech Talks AvailableSensors are a big part of our lives and continuously generate signals measuring some real physical phenomenon. Engineers are tasked with processing these... 更多内容 >>

Video-based Motion Analysis with MATLAB 5

We love MATLAB and we also have many other interests, too. Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, found an interesting way to combine his passion for MATLAB with one of his interests, Argentine Tango!... 更多内容 >>

More thoughts about implicit expansion 26

More thoughts about implicit expansionSteve Eddins returns with another thoughtful post on implicit expansion.Several people have expressed some trepidation about the increased possibility of making... 更多内容 >>

Notes on the Release Notes 7

Today’s guest blogger is Sowmini Sampath, from the Documentation group at MathWorks. Her team’s goal is to make it easier for you to learn how to use our products. Which means examples, examples, and more examples, right? But there’s other useful stuff too, if you need it. She is writing today about the Release Notes.... 更多内容 >>

MATLAB arithmetic expands in R2016b 52

With pleasure, I introduce today's guest blogger, my colleague, Steve Eddins. He has been heavily involved in image processing capabilities in our tools and more recently has also contributed substantially to designing additions and improvements to the MATLAB language.... 更多内容 >>

Multi-Armed Bandit Problem and Exploration vs. Exploitation Trade-off 5

Casino slot machines have a playful nickname - "one-armed bandit" - because of the single lever it has and our tendency to lose money when we play them. They also inspire the creativity of researchers. Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, will introduce an interesting thought experiment known as multi-armed bandits.... 更多内容 >>

Indexing with Curly Braces 3

I have talked about indexing a bunch of times in the past, including my last post. Recently I have visited quite a few customers who still get tripped up a bit sometimes. So I thought I'd try again.... 更多内容 >>

Introducing String Arrays 9

Toshi is back for today's guest post. You may have seen Toshi's earlier posts about text analytics and he often deals with text in his data analysis. So he is very excited about new string arrays in R2016b.... 更多内容 >>

Fifteen Years of MATLAB Central Memories!

Wow! It's been fifteen years since MATLAB Central was set up for the MATLAB community! What a crazy and wonderful time it's been.... 更多内容 >>

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