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Understanding Wavelets: Tech Talks Available

Understanding Wavelets: Tech Talks Available

Sensors are a big part of our lives and continuously generate signals measuring some real physical phenomenon. Engineers are tasked with processing these signals to identify unique features and reveal interesting patterns in these signals. Fourier transform is a first step used by many in analyzing the frequency content of the signals but it is not well suited to analyze signals which have features coming in at different scales or resolution i.e. a signal containing a slowly varying component punctuated with abrupt transients as is the case with many naturally occurring signals and images. The reason being, Fourier transforms use sinusoids, which are not well localized in time and frequency as these sinusoids oscillate forever.

One alternative to this challenge is to analyze signals using wavelets which are well localized in time and frequency. Kirthi K. Devleker, an engineer in our product marketing team explains the basic concepts behind what wavelets are and how you can use them through a series of 4-part short tech talk videos on wavelets.

Whether you are seasoned engineer who wants a refresher on wavelet transforms or a newbie who wants to explore more about wavelet transforms, I am sure you will find these videos helpful. The first two videos (Part -1 and Part -2) cover background concepts on what wavelets are and the types of wavelet transforms commonly used. The next two videos (Part -3 and Part -4) cover two important real world applications of wavelet transforms in MATLAB.

Watch the first of the four videos here.

Let us know if you like them and if you want to see additional topics let us know by leaving a comment here.

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