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Mapping Uber Pickups in New York City 5

I travel a lot and I use ridesharing services like Uber often when I am away. One of my guest bloggers, Toshi, just got his first experience with such a service when he visited New York, and that inspired a new post.... 더 읽어보기 >>

Swing Low, Sweet Probability: Guessing the results of every match in the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Today's guest blogger is Matt Tearle, who works on our MATLAB training materials here at MathWorks. Originally from New Zealand, Matt was delighted with the All Blacks' recent victory at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. What better way to celebrate than to analyze the results with MATLAB?... 더 읽어보기 >>

40-year-old Algorithm That Cannot Be Improved 4

It is interesting to see how an obscure algorithm sometimes gets a break in news headlines like For 40 years, computer scientists looked for a solution that doesn’t exist in the Boston Globe. Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, introduces us to this curious computer algorithm.... 더 읽어보기 >>

Text Mining Shakespeare with MATLAB 4

Have you ever wondered how Google provides the auto-complete feature in Google Suggest? Or sometimes you see results of hilarious or annoying auto-correct features on your smartphone? Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, explains a natural language processing approach through a fun text mining example with Shakespeare.... 더 읽어보기 >>

Getting Started with Kaggle Data Science Competitions 5

Have you been interested in data science competitions, but not sure where to begin? Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, would like to give a quick tutorial on how to get started with Kaggle using MATLAB.... 더 읽어보기 >>

The Netflix Prize and Production Machine Learning Systems: An Insider Look 2

Do you watch movies on Netflix? Binge-watch TV series? Do you use their movie recommendations? Today's guest blogger, Toshi Takeuchi, shares an interesting blog post he saw about how Netflix uses machine learning for movie recommendations.... 더 읽어보기 >>

Posts 11 - 17 of 17