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結果: New Feature

What Version is Being Used? 4

Sometimes it's important to have code work in multiple releases of MATLAB, while still taking advantage of new features when they exist. In recent articles, I've talked about... 続きを読む >>

Exceptional Behavior 18

One of the new features of MATLAB in R2007b is a more robust way to manage and reporting errors. We have found that using an MException object, instead of relying on... 続きを読む >>

parfor the Course 34

Starting with release R2007b, there are multiple ways to take advantage of newer hardware in MATLAB. In MATLAB alone, you can benefit from using multithreading,
depending on what kind of... 続きを読む >>

Numbered Argument Specification for Print Functions 4

Since MATLAB Release R2007a, you've been able to number the arguments for functions that format strings. With this feature,
you can refer to the values that correspond to the different arguments in... 続きを読む >>

Controlling Multithreading 31

With Release R2007b, you now have the ability to set (and get) the maximum number of allowed threads. What does this mean for you? Contents ... 続きを読む >>

R2007b is Live 20

Release R2007b is now available. Here's what's new in MATLAB. I plan to highlight some of these features, and perhaps some from related products, in upcoming posts. In addition, ... 続きを読む >>

In-place Operations on Data 45

Recently I mentioned that I would describe a relatively new optimization we have for MATLAB code that allows some function calls to operate on variables without allocating more... 続きを読む >>

Selecting Data and Surrounding Values 6

I recently was working with Dave Schoppik on extracting a subset of elements from his dataset. In his lab, they work to understand
the ways our brains enable us to move. Here's Dave's description.
... 続きを読む >>

R2007a Released 35

Release 2007a came out today. This corresponds to MATLAB version 7.4. I will list here a few of my favorite new MATLAB features. I will discuss some of them in future... 続きを読む >>

Displaying Numbers in MATLAB 7

The way MATLAB displays numbers sometimes confuses users. Occasionally someone posts a concern to the MATLAB newsgroup that the calculation just performed was done to only 4 digits but... 続きを読む >>

Posts 101 - 110 of 121