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Data Scaling for Scattered Interpolation 7

Today's guest blogger is Josh Meyer, a Technical Writer for the MATLAB Math and Big Data teams. He is going to discuss a common issue encountered in scattered data interpolation, and how to fix it!... read more >>

Debugging Grouped Operations

Today's guest post comes from Sean de Wolski, one of Loren's fellow Application Engineers. You might recognize him from MATLAB answers and the pick of the week blog!... read more >>

Coding Best Practices – A Good Read 7

Coding Best Practices - A Good ReadI have written blogs before on coding best practices in MATLAB and they have always generated a lot of great feedback. I recently came across a language-neutral... read more >>

Understanding Array Preallocation 6

Today I would like to introduce guest blogger Jeremy Greenwald who works in the Development group here at MathWorks. Jeremy works on the Code Analyzer and will be discussing when preallocating MATLAB arrays is useful and when it should be avoided.... read more >>

What’s “if” “all” about? 12

I recently posted about a GOTCHA with the expression a < x < b in MATLAB and Matt's comments made me look to see if I had ever devoted a post to the behavior of all (or its companion any). So today I will explain how all works and why you need to take care when you use arrays for testing conditions in if and while statements. This is especially true if you do not use them with functions such as any or all since they can reduce expressions to scalar true and false values.... read more >>

Why is Answer to 3 < A < 7 Unexpected? 9

There have been countless (not really!) times on the MATLAB newsgroup where a question of the sort written in the title has been asked (and answered). Let's go through the code to... read more >>

Another Possible Surprise – Ignored NaN Values 9

Ever have some data that might have some NaN values? And you start doing computations with these data, expecting |NaN|s to propagate... Only to find later, that the |NaN|s... read more >>

Wash, Rinse, Repeat; Break, Return, Continue 4

So much of the work we do in development at MathWorks is iterative. Over the years, we've come to use the phrase "wash, rinse, repeat" to indicate this. It's true... read more >>

size Does Matter Sometimes 18

Recently at work I was on an email thread where people were discussing the function size and how to use it reliably in the context of arrays that might be two dimensional but could have... read more >>

Scalar Roulette 4

A while ago, Steve posted an article entitled Functional Design Clunkers on his blog. Well, I have a confession to make too. Have you ever been bitten by the ambiguity in the contour... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 44