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R2007a Released

Release 2007a came out today. This corresponds to MATLAB version 7.4. I will list here a few of my favorite new MATLAB features. I will discuss some of them in future blogs.



Multithreaded Computational Support

MATLAB has multithreaded computation support for many linear algebra and element-wise numeric operations, allowing performance
improvement on multicore and multiprocessor systems.

M-Lint in the Editor

When using the MATLAB Editor, for certain messages about your code, you now have the option, through a right-click menu, to
replace the code with the recommendation.

Utility to Help with Parsing Inputs

When writing a function that needs to be robust, there's often a lot of code up front to validate the inputs. inputParser can now help you with that in a more methodical way.

Function for Singleton Expansion

In February 2006, I posted an article on Scalar Expansion and More that generated a lot of interest. See the new function bsxfun (for Binary Singleton Expansion Function) to help perform binary operations on element-by-element functions for arrays which
agree in sizes in all dimensions unless the one of the different sizes is a scalar.

Try R2007a

I've only listed a few of the latest features in MATLAB. What's your favorite new feature? Tell people about it here.

Published with MATLAB® 7.4

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