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Random Walks

Bob's pick this week is Random Walks by Mark Hoyle.   This is a really nice demo. I've heard of random walks but never had need to use them so this was educational. Seeing how the Econometrics Toolbox was value added in his solution is interesting. Mark's real world application (and sense of humor) made the problem more engaging. (I'll leave validation of Mark's simulation to more qualified individuals.) If his published example wasn't nutritious enough, Mark totally exceeded my expectations with his visualization. Annotating the map of London subway stops with results in 3D was not just a crisp, clear way to present results. That was also clever, creative and just plain cool! To really appreciate this submission be sure to download the code and step through it with cell mode execution. Here is a taste of just one of his several animations. Great demo, Mark. Thanks for posting it. Comments?.

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