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Self-Balancing Wheeled Robot

Jiro's pick this week is Self-Balancing Robot by Yorihisa Yamamoto.

This one comes from Tokyo, Japan. I am currently here for a few weeks working with the Application Engineers at the MathWorks Japan office which just opened this July. These engineers have dealt with MathWorks products for many years as our local distributor, and they're all very sharp people. Yorihisa is one of the Application Engineers here in Japan, and he focuses on Simulink and controls applications.

Being a MATLAB person, I was blown away when Yorihisa showed me this self-balancing lego robot where the control algorithm was developed in the Simulink environment. My eyes were glued to this wheeled robot swaying back and forth to keep its balance. See it in action here:

I'm curious to hear about other hardware interface demos/projects people have done using MATLAB and Simulink. Please tell us about it here. If you have corresponding File Exchange entries, even better!

Published with MATLAB® 7.8

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