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New location for Doug’s videos! 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

I have moved. [NEW LOCATION] Today, Brett, Bob and Jiro have completed their inheritance of Pick of the Week blog. There is a fine heritage of Applications Engineers running the Pick of the Week blog. Scott Hirsch and I started it nearly five years ago with this post.... read more >>

Interview about making MATLAB Videos 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

Several people have asked about how I make these MATLAB videos. Recently the folks that make Camtasia interviewed me about the videos making process. Those of you that are interested in a look behind the curtain can read the full interview and video making tips here:
Interview about Camtasia…

Advanced MATLAB: Dynamic field names

Posted by Doug Hull,

We have MATLAB users come into The MathWorks to present their work in MATLAB from time to time. Recently there was an interesting presentation with some really great “Clutter classification” algorithms in a GUI. One of the questions that came out of that discussion was how to get rid of… read more >>

User made videos

Posted by Doug Hull,

I wanted to thank everyone for posting their videos as requested in my prior post [click here]. Here are some of my favorite entries. I will be in touch with the authors to send them some fabulous prizes.
First up is a video from Carlos that is similar to the posts… read more >>