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Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB


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Image overlays 41

Note For new or updated information about this topic, see: How to Overlay a Color on an Image Using a Mask (03-Dec-2019) Contents Image Overlay ... read more >>

Quick tip: Use the functions true and false

All I've been doing this week is writing. Unfortunately, I haven't been writing blog postings. Between my other work responsibilities and an upcoming trip, I have almost no time left for this blog... read more >>

Getting notified about new blog posts 6

If you are like me, you never remember to check web sites you are following for new content. I prefer to be automatically notified, somehow, whenever something new is posted. For blogs and other... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Useful toolbox documentation links 3

I've received some comments and e-mail asking how to apply the spatial transformation ideas I've been writing about to images. When I started this series, I naively assumed that Image Processing... read more >>

MathWorks product release: R2006a

The MathWorks released a new product line update last week. The new release is called R2006a, thus marking the end for releases named R12, R13, R14, etc. Some of you may have noticed that... read more >>

Help! My publisher wants a 300 dpi TIFF 35

MATLAB user Paul contacted me recently to ask how to convert 150dpi JPEGs to 300dpi TIFFs. After I asked for more information, he explained that he was working with a publisher who expected all... read more >>