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More from CGIV

More bits and pieces from CGIV today, typed in while watching England and Sweden battle it out on the telly... it's currently 1-1. I saw a poster this morning describing how color... read more >>

Hue shifts near the L*=0 axis 7

At the European Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision conference today, I took a tutorial called "Transforms for Colour and Spectral Reproduction." Mitch Rosen of the Munsell Color Science ... read more >>

European colour

Next week I'll be in the UK. On Monday I'll be attending the International Color Consortium's DevCon 2006 at the University of Leeds. The MathWorks is a member of the ICC and is a sponsor of... read more >>

Batch processing 72

23-Jun-2015 update: See the new Image Batch Processor App (added to R2015a) and my blog post about it. A couple of months ago I was working with a bunch of pictures I had taken at... read more >>

Cell segmentation 119

Blog reader Ramiro Massol asked for advice on segmenting his cell images, so I gave it a try. I'm not a microscopy expert, though, and I invite readers who have better suggestions than... read more >>