Steve on Image Processing with MATLAB

Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB


Steve on Image Processing with MATLAB has been archived and will not be updated.

Getting MATLAB code from blog postings – An update

Loren and I frequently use the MATLAB publish feature to create our blog posts. Back in October, we started using some JavaScript in our blogs so you could click on a link to get the original MATLAB code. (Look for a link that says "Get the MATLAB code") at the bottom right of many of our posts. Then some readers complained that the JavaScript was messing up the appearance of our posts in the feed-reader software they used.

I believe we have now corrected the problem. JavaScript code inside HTML script tags is now hidden inside HTML comment tags, so it should not appear in browsers or feed readers that do not support JavaScript. If you still see this problem, please let me know what browser or feed reader you use.

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