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Separable convolution: Part 2 25

Back in October I introduced the concept of filter separability. A two-dimensional filter s is said to be separable if it can be written as the convolution of two one-dimensional filters v and h: ... read more >>

Tetrahedral interpolation for colorspace conversion 2

The Image Processing Toolbox function applycform can convert colors based on ICC profiles. ICC standards for the International Color Consortium, and an ICC profile typically contains information about the color characteristics of a particular device. Specifically, the profile contains data used to transform... read more >>

Old habits 4

Last time I showed off custom data cursors with a little utility function that displays object labels as data cursors: ... read more >>

Labeling labeled objects 82

A post in comp.soft-sys.matlab this week (see the third post in this thread) asked how to display graphically the numerical labels associated with each labeled object. In this blog I'll show a couple of ways to approach that task. ... read more >>

Bit slices

Blog reader Kathirvel wanted to know more about the MATLAB default image and how it was formed. ...

Blog reader Kathirvel wanted to know more about the MATLAB default image and how it was formed.

I'll show briefly how it was done, using a small magic square and a Pascal matrix.

Software development tools for engineers 9

Back in September I wrote that I would be attending the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing this month, and that I would be giving a seminar on software development tools and techniques for engineers. Some blog readers, as well as some seminar attendees, asked me if I could make... read more >>

Getting MATLAB code from blog postings 8

Back in January, I wrote that I was using the MATLAB publish feature to generate some of my blog posts. Since then, I've used publish for almost every post. I write my post as a MATLAB script, and then I use publish to turn the script into a web... read more >>

Hough transform coordinate system 19

Reader JP asked me about my recent blog post on the Hough transform. Specifically, she wanted to know exactly how the rho-theta coordinate system was defined. When I answered her question, I realized that our documentation isn't very clear on this point, so I... read more >>

The Story Behind the MATLAB Default Image 13

Image display was added in version 4 of MATLAB, sometime around 1990. Many observant users noticed that the low-level image display object had default pixel values. In other words, if you called image with no input arguments, it would display a... read more >>