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A Year of Blogging

I started this blog on image processing and MATLAB about a year ago. Shortly afterward, another blogger discovered it and told the world that a blog solely about MATLAB and image processing was insane!

Maybe so. But I've really enjoyed it, and many of you kind readers have encouraged me enough to keep it going.

In the past year this blog has seen 81 posts and 281 comments (including 109 responses from me). I browsed the list this morning to get a sense of the different topics and types of posts. Here are a few themes and samples:

The biggest challenge for me has been how to politely say no when people ask me to write code and send it to them for their school projects.

Heading into my second year of image processing blogging, I have a few questions for you:

  • What topics would you like to see?
  • Would you like me to categorize my blog posts? Loren uses categories in her Art of MATLAB blog.
  • Do you have any other suggestions for this or any other MATLAB Central blog?

Enter your comments here. Thanks for reading and for letting me know what you think.

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