Steve on Image Processing with MATLAB

Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB


Steve on Image Processing with MATLAB has been archived and will not be updated.

Upslope area code is now available

After my last upslope area post, I decided that I had enough of the algorithm details worked out to produce a set of working M-files. Although I have a few more posts to go, I've already uploaded the M-files to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. If you've been following this topic with interest, then I suggest that you download the files and give them a try. Each function in the set has one or more examples in the M-file help. You might also want to try Wolfgang's code, which is also on the File Exchange.

If you downloaded my files since I originally posted them last week, you might want to download them again, because I modified upslope_area.m based on early feedback. See the Readme.txt file for details.

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