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Handling comments and e-mail

I would like to announce new procedures for comments on this blog, as well as for associated e-mail traffic.

First, post commenting is now in "moderate" mode, meaning that new comments will not appear until I have had a chance to review them. My goal is to review the incoming comments at least once per business day. As a general rule, I welcome comments that are at least somewhat relevant to the topic of the post. I also welcome general comments about this blog—especially suggestions for new topics!

Second, I have removed my e-mail address link from the posts. The volume of e-mail traffic in response to my blog posts and comp.soft-sys.matlab posts was beginning to interfere with my "day job" as a software development manager at MathWorks, so I will no longer be able to respond to such e-mail.

The conversations that have happened through relevant blog comments and responses have been very valuable, and I encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts here.

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