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A Cody problem: simplify a polygon 7

Today I'm combining my blog post with a new problem submission on Cody. The problem is related to the function bwboundaries in the Image Processing Toolbox. This function traces the boundaries of objects (and holes within objects), returning each boundary as a set of x-y vertices.... read more >>

Walking along a path 5

Last month I was experimenting with an algorithm in which I needed to construct a set of equidistant steps along a path consisting of line segments. (I'll call this a polyline path, or polyline for short.) Today I want to show you how to construct such a path in MATLAB. Along the way I'll show you the function improfile and give you a pointer to a database of sample range images that I found.... read more >>

How im2html works

On June 2 I showed you how to make a table with image colors and pixels appear when you publish your MATLAB scripts to HTML using the publish function. The result looks like this:... read more >>

Shuffling label colors 3

I've written often here about various computational and visualization techniques involving labeling connected components in binary images. Sometimes I use the function label2rgb to convert a label matrix into a color image with a different color assigned to each label. ... read more >>

The DFT matrix and computation time 2

On my list of potential blog topics today I saw just this cryptic item labeled dftmtx. Hmm, the MATLAB dftmtx function. But have I written about this function before? I better double-check by searching the old blog postings: ... read more >>