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Fourier series animation using phasor addition 9

Posted by Steve Eddins,

I just saw a great animation illustrating the Fourier series decomposition of a square wave. Check it out. The video includes two different animations, so be sure to watch it all the way through to see the second one.



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Steve Eddins replied on : 2 of 9
Hildo—It's not my code. I just posted a link to the animation. You'll have to contact the author.
Stan Reeves replied on : 3 of 9
This is very helpful. Thanks for posting. I shared this with my faculty colleagues and got several positive comments. As you can imagine, it's pretty tough to get much response to anything from faculty...unless it's a gripe session about the administration. ;-)
Lateef Kareem replied on : 5 of 9
I recreate the code for the animation. the video can be found at and the code at
Mehmet E. Yavuz replied on : 7 of 9
Dear Steve and All, Thanks for your interest for the animation. I have finally found out that this post is the reason for the increased interest for my video. Although very similar code has already been given by Amro and Lateef, I have included the original code to Matlab Central in the following link. Fourier Series Animation using Circles Thanks, Mehmet