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Using the Color Threshold app again

Back in the summer I had another chance to use the Color Thresholder, a very nice app that's in the Image Processing Toolbox. I happened to come across a question on MATLAB Answers - someone was looking for a way to segment the yellow region in this image:

I proposed using the Color Thresholder and the L*a*b* color space, and I showed this screen shot to demonstrate how to apply it to this problem:

I first wrote about the Color Thresholder back in 2014, shortly after the app first appeared ("Color Thresholder App in R2014a"). In that post, I played around with picture of candy lying on my desk:

Besides figuring out how to segment all the different candy colors, I also discovered how to characterize the color of my desk:

The Color Thresholder is a very useful tool. Give it a look!

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