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The DFT and the DTFT 8

It's finally time to start looking at the relationship between the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and the discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT). Let's look at a simple rectangular... read more >>

Aliasing and a sampled cosine signal 23

One challenge of teaching Fourier transform concepts is that each concept can be (and is) interpreted and explained in many different ways. It isn't always obvious how the different... read more >>

Aliasing and the discrete-time Fourier transform 9

Many of you were onto me immediately last week. I asked you to estimate the frequency of the sampled cosine signal below, and readers quickly chimed in to guess that this question was... read more >>

Sampling a cosine 12

I know, I know ... I've really fallen behind in my blog posting the last month or so. Shifting responsibilities in my "real job" have left me snowed under for the last few weeks, and I... read more >>

Relationship between continuous-time and discrete-time Fourier transforms 7

Previously in my Fourier transforms series I've talked about the continuous-time Fourier transform and the discrete-time Fourier transform. Today it's time to start talking about the... read more >>

Discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT) 10

In the last two posts in my Fourier transform series I discussed the continuous-time Fourier transform. Today I want to start getting "discrete" by introducing the discrete-time Fourier... read more >>

A very different take on the Fourier transform 5

This is my silly season entry (from...

Continuous-time Fourier transform of windowed cosine 10

Last week I showed a couple of continuous-time Fourier transform pairs (for a cosine and a rectangular pulse). Today I want to follow up by discussing one of the ways in which reality... read more >>

Continuous-time Fourier transform basics 12

In my planned (well, partially planned) discussion on Fourier transforms, I'll focus on three of the four types I listed in my November 23 post: ... read more >>

Example of Fourier terminology confusion 3

This exchange of comments between Cris and me (see comments 11-16) is a good example of the kind of terminology confusion that surrounds Fourier transforms. Cris and I both have a background in... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 22