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Help! My publisher wants a 300 dpi TIFF 35

MATLAB user Paul contacted me recently to ask how to convert 150dpi JPEGs to 300dpi TIFFs. After I asked for more information, he explained that he was working with a publisher who expected all electronically submitted images to be 4 inches by 6 inches at 300dpi. ... read more >>

Tracing George 104

Last time, in my spatial transformations series, I introduced the head-and-shoulders outline that I like to call George (George P. Burdell). Today I want to diverge briefly from my main topic and show how I recently "recovered" George. ... read more >>

All about pixel colors: Scaled indexed images 52

In my last post on pixel colors, I described the truecolor and indexed image display models in MATLAB, and I promised to discuss an important variation on the indexed image model. That variation is the scaled indexed image, and the relevant MATLAB image display function... read more >>