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Advantages of Vehicle Modeling – Don’t Miss Out! 9

In today’s blog post I am happy to introduce Ed Marquez Brunal, a first-time guest in this blog.  This is a holistic summary of our project on modeling vehicles. Find 4 videos and 2 MATLAB Central… read more >>

Racecar: Small – Workflow: Professional

In today’s blog post I am happy to introduce Jose Avendano Arbelaez, a first-time guest in this blog. We have been collaborating on a nice hardware-software demo including a (model)… read more >>

Introduction to Contact Modeling 34

Lap Time Simulation – Crucial for Racecar Concept Design 2

“Effectively comparing vehicle concepts is crucial to design winning racecars. For that, we* have set-up a lap time simulation based on tire test data and a two track model in Simulink. This allows… read more >>

Live Editor and Live Scripts 4

At the beginning of preparation for this post, I asked Lars Schatkowski, the co-author today, to summarize the benefits of the MATLAB Live Editor in a single phrase. He seemed to be expecting this… read more >>

Import CAD assemblies to Simscape Multibody™ 15

With this post, let me talk about 3D multibody simulation and specifically focus on getting CAD data into a simulation environment.
Vehicle dynamics engineers want to simulate dynamic…

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