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Advanced: Making a sweeping slice through volume of data.

A MATLAB user recently asked how we could make a visualization similar to this one.

I was a little surprised that we were able to do the visualization, with interactivity in less that 15 lines of code.

d = flow; d = shiftdim(d,2);
x = 25;
y = 26;
z = 21.59561;
v =  3.22068;

h = slice(d,x,y,z)
d(:,:,z:end) = nan;

axis equal
zlim([0 size(d,3)])
colormap spring

This video makes use of cell mode to get the interactivity. You can see how something like this could be done with a GUI to get the interactivity that you might want.

If you like this kind of thing, Slice-o-matic, will be good for you.

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