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Tiling without a Wet Saw 4

The various desktop tools that contain documents (the Editor, Array Editor, Figures container, etc) display one document at a time by default. Tiling allows you to see more than one document at a… read more >>

Drag and Drop Data Import 3

I’ll occasionally contribute to this blog to focus on the data-related tools in the MATLAB Desktop. We provide a lot of tools to help you import, organize, visualize, and explore your data in… read more >>

Improved Help from the MATLAB Editor and Command Window 25

In the new R2007b version of MATLAB, we’ve improved an existing feature called Help on Selection. Have you ever forgotten the arguments to a function as you’re typing in the Command… read more >>

Hanging out at the Document Bar 6

When you have multiple documents (M-Files in the Editor, variables in the Array Editor, docked Figures, etc) open within a MATLAB desktop tool there is an activation button corresponding to each… read more >>

Running functions with input from the Editor in R2007b 6

Despite the lack-luster title of this entry, I assure you that this new feature will be well worth the read, as it addresses one of our most common user requests!
In R2007b, you’ll notice a…

Pretty printing 4

If you are tired of printing black and white files from the Editor, try setting some pretty printing options. To print the Editor or the Command Window with full color and headers, select the File… read more >>

Where did my M-file run off to? 1

After you have been writing M-code for a while you gather lots of M-files possibly scattered over many directories. Finding that one piece of text that you are looking for without exactly knowing… read more >>

Editor syntax colors for non-M file types 16

I recently had a customer ask me how to make his mex files have correct syntax highlighting. He had a file type that was not specified in our default preferences. This is very easy to fix using… read more >>

Desktop screenshot gallery 2

A while back, I asked you to send us screenshots of your Desktop layout. I got a lot of responses (possibly due to the bribe I offered of t-shirts) and the team was very excited to get to see our… read more >>

Finding items in the Command Window or the Editor 2

In a recent post, Kristin described a lightweight way to search in the history and the file browser. The Command Window and the Editor also have a lightweight way to look for items. It’s called… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 41