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Using XML in MATLAB 22

Posted by Michael Katz,

Much of the data on the Internet is stored in some flavor of XML. Fortunately for us, MATLAB has some built in functions for handling XML file. This will be the first in a series of non-consecutive posts about working with XML in MATLAB. Today I'm going to describe the... read more >>

Why the Help Report No Longer Lists Subfunctions

Posted by Michael Katz,

Over the past few releases we have been working to eliminate code in the desktop that duplicates or approximates the logic in the MATLAB language. The goal of this project is to reduce bugs and to make sure there is a single “truth” in regards to what we tell you… read more >>

Helping your help 6

Posted by Michael Katz,

MATLAB files that are a part of the public API of MATLAB all have nice help comments in them. The files we ship with MATLAB follow a standard format: function line, summary/description line (commonly referred to as the H1 line), description of what the function does along with examples describing… read more >>

Editor Tab Switching 11

Posted by Michael Katz,

Ken’s been kind enough to point out in the comments on how to switch between open files in the MATLAB Editor. The keyboard shortcut… read more >>