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New and Updated Features in MATLAB R2010b

Even though our 6-month releases are well scheduled, it always feels like they sneak up on me. Well, MATLAB R2010b is available now. There are lots of great new features in there, including a few I’m quite proud of. Below, I’ve called out some of my favorite new and updated Desktop features.

To get this latest release go here, or if you’re using R2008b or later, you can select Help -> Check for Updates.

Be sure to let us know what you think of these new features!

ZIP File Handling
View a ZIP file in the Current Folder Browser You can now expand ZIP files right from the Current Folder Browser and manipulate the files inside. In addition you can compare the contents of ZIP files with the File and Folder Comparison Tool.
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Variable and Subfunction Highlighting
Variable Highlighting in the Editor There are lots of new options in the Editor for determining variable and subfunction use in a file. Placing the caret in a variable or subfunction name will cause the Editor to highlight all the places that variable/subfunction is used. Also now colored in the Editor are variables shared by nested functions. If you are annoyed by this feature, the colors are configurable in the Preferences. It’s a powerful feature with lots of subtle gems, so I’ll be explaining more about it in the coming weeks.
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Enumeration Templates
Enumeration Template To support the new Enumeration class type in MATLAB, we’ve added an Enumeration Template to File -> New. If you’ve been using the MATLAB class system over the past couple of releases, you’ll find this an exciting and welcome addition.

Customizeable Date Format in Current Folder Browser
Customizeable Dates You can now customize how the file modified dates are displayed in the Current Folder Browser and Command History.

Save File as Backup
Save Backup of file in Editor From the Editor, we now provide the ability to save a backup from the File menu. Instead of using “Save As,” which changes the location of the file being edited, this creates a copy, but leaves the original open in the Editor.

Image Preview in Current Folder Browser
Image Preview Image files (JPEG, JPG, BMP, WBMP, PNG, or GIF) now have previews in the Current Folder Browser.
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Modified in Editor Indicator
Show Modified In Editor If you’re looking at a folder containing open Editor files, the Current Folder Browser now indicates if those files have unsaved changes.
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Improved Comment Wrapping
Code Folding Preferences The MATLAB Editor now supports smarter comment wrapping, wrapping of block comments, and the ability to specify where column counting starts. In addition, you no longer need to select the comments to wrap them, you can just put the caret in a comment block.

Open As Text
Open As Text Menu Option Regardless of a file’s type and association, you can now use File -> Open As Text to open it in the editor. This is great for certain types of data files, XML files, and Simulink models.

Work with an Open File’s Path
Path Menu Have you ever run an open file in the Editor just to change to it’s directory? I have. Now you can CD to a file’s folder, change whether that folder is on the path, open in the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, or copy the location the clipboard. All from the file’s Editor tab.
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