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MATLAB Mobile 3.1 is Now Available 7

Posted by Michael Katz,

Last week we made MATLAB Mobile 3.1 available in the iOS App Store. This release has a few incremental improvements over MATLAB Mobile 3.0.

In particular we made the reconnecting to the Cloud faster when restoring the app from background. We also brought some of the new keyboard buttons we created for the iPad back to the iPhone/iPod Touch, and upgraded the iPad custom keyboard UI. We also provided some bug fixes, so you will now be able to create function handles in the command prompt.

Here’s what that new keyboard looks like on the iPhone:
MATLAB Mobile 3.1 on iPod Touch

And this is what the new extended keyboard row on the iPad looks like:
MATLAB Mobile 3.1 keybaord

You can get MATLAB Mobile in the iTunes App Store.


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Ignasio replied on : 3 of 7

I have android, and my question is why I don’t receive the mobile desktop service, given that I pay my license.

Michael Katz replied on : 4 of 7

@J.R., @Clayton, @Ignasio,
Don’t worry we’ve got you guys covered. We have an android version in the works!

tony replied on : 5 of 7

I find it surprising that you are eager to support an android machine (that is hardly more than a toy) when you have dropped support for a G5 Power Mac. When I say ” surprising” I am trying to be polite.

Michael Katz replied on : 6 of 7

It’s not really an either-or situation. Developing MATLAB Mobile for a new mobile platform is not the same effort as support MATLAB on a desktop platform, and the resources between the two teams are separate. As for supporting a 6+ year old platform is difficult once the manufacturer stops providing support, bug fixes, and java updates, etc. In order to evolve MATLAB to take advantage of new technologies, we have to keep up with the latest platforms.

If you still have maintenance, customer and technical support will continue to provide solutions on a best effort basis, but we will only develop bug fixes to go in the latest version of MATLAB, which is supported on the systems listed here:

Ariel replied on : 7 of 7

What about “TABBING” to autocomplete commands. Since typing in a mobile device is already difficult, having to type the whole command is almost annoying. Including this would greatly improve the user-interface.