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Introducing MATLAB R2012a

It’s March! That means Spring is in the air and a new version of MATLAB is available! Let’s look an overview of the new desktop features:

Improved Variable Editor Sorting
Variable Editor Sorting/Transpose You can now transpose and sort variables using the context menu options in the Variable Editor. Variable contents are sortable based on single or multiple column selections.

MATLAB Dock Menu on Mac
MATLAB R2012a Mac Doc menu The MATLAB Dock menu now lists open windows and documents associated with the running MATLAB. Choosing an open document will bring it to the front. In addition, the MATLAB Dock menu includes the new option “Open Additional Instance of MATLAB”, which starts another instance of MATLAB–if you need more MATLABs for some reason.

Improved Rendering in MATLAB Web Browser
Modern web rendering on windows R2012a The MATLAB Web browser uses a new HTML rendering engine on Windows. This new engine provides better rendering, particularly on 64-bit systems.

PUBLISH supports syntax highlighted sample code
Syntax Highlighted Sample Code When using cell markup for publishing, you can have syntax-highlighted code fragments in the text part. To do this, use Cell > Insert Text Markup > Syntax Highlighted Sample Code, or insert three spaces between the “%” and the first character of code.

XLSREAD reads XLSX on all platforms
The xlsread function now reads data from XLSX files on all platforms, including support for specifying the range and worksheet number.
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