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Enhancing Tables with Gareth 1

Today we have a guest post by Gareth Thomas. Gareth is Academic Marketing Manager for the Education Business in the MathWorks. He aims to inspire people of all ages about technology and share the… read more >>

Plotly Plots MATLAB 2

Here’s a quick post to tell you about a nifty service called Plotly. The basic idea is that you can create nice-looking interactive plots right in your web browser. You can generate the plots… read more >>

What’s that in the sky? Build a MATLAB Planetarium

I look up at the sky just after sunset and I see an especially bright star. It's probably a planet. But which one?... read more >>

28 GitHub Repos and Counting… 2

Two weeks ago we announced that the File Exchange can connect directly to GitHub. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. Here are a few quotes from emails we’ve… read more >>

File Exchange Now Hosts GitHub! 10

Let’s say you’ve created an awesome MATLAB file, and you want the world to know about it. So you go to the File Exchange page and click on the big blue button that says “Submit a… read more >>

MATLAB Central Blog Improvements 6

You’ve probably already noticed the redesigned MATLAB Central Blog site that was released in January. Yesterday, we polished the apple further with an additional release that squashed some bugs… read more >>

Flappy Bird meets the File Exchange

Are you sad because you can’t play Flappy Bird on your iPhone? We’ve got you covered! File Exchange author Mingjing Zhang has created a MATLAB-based version of the game. Take a look at… read more >>

Ask a Question in Answers with Auto-suggest 6

This week’s post comes from Kent Millard, the UX Specialist for the MATLAB Answers team.
Quick Answers with Auto-Suggest
by Kent Millard
Let’s say you’re wondering how to plot some data… read more >>

The Cody Interview: Alfonso Nieto Castañón

If you play Cody, you probably already know the name Alfonso Nieto Castañón. He is the number one player by rank, and his answers tend to sprout comments like “Amazing!” and “How… read more >>

Crepuscular Isochrons: Sunrise Here and There

Greetings from Natick, Massachusetts, where the outdoor temperature is currently a balmy 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun sets at 4:26 in the afternoon. The days are getting colder but at least they… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 20