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Cody Turns One Million 2

Suppose I give you an image like this little smiley face.

And now I ask you to stretch it vertically and horizontally by replicating the pixels. Stretch it sideways by a factor of 4 and down by a… read more >>

Is It Just Me? Status Anxiety and the Application Status Page 2

Here’s you, getting stuff done: Click… click. Click-click. Type typey type. Click.
And then: Click… click, click… and wait.

There is a moment when you’re waiting for a… read more >>

Community Q&A: Massimo Zanetti

During the fall of 2016 MathWorks hosted a Scavenger Hunt and Triathlon to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MATLAB Central. Massimo Zanetti was the winner of the Triathlon so we thought it would be… read more >>

The Bacterium and the Blog – New Life on MATLAB Central 1

Do you have aphid problems? Aphids are perfectly nice little insects with one unfortunate habit: they have a mighty appetite for the crops we grow. But how to get rid of them? Insecticides work, but… read more >>

Robot Races Roll After Hours at the Museum

Our post today is from Jeff Homer of our UK office in Cambridge, England. Jeff is an Application Support Engineer with a keen interest in controls, robotics and physical modelling. He was part of a… read more >>

Add-Ons and the File Exchange 5

Earlier today I was pondering the fact that I needed some new business cards when I had a sudden brain storm. A sort of a meta-recursive brainstorm, really. I could picture the design I wanted. But… read more >>

What Is On Stuart’s Table? Code Along and Find Out

One summer when I was in high school I spent a lot of time playing ping-pong at a summer camp. Between games, I would watch this guy named Rob play Defender on a nearby console. Rob had godlike… read more >>

ThingSpeak: Your MATLAB-Powered Window on the World

Have you tried ThingSpeak yet? It’s cool, it’s free, and it talks to MATLAB. I like all three of those things. Let me show you how it works.
ThingSpeak is called an “Internet of…

Results of the St Andrews Programming Contest 1

Last month we collaborated with Luke Rendell and Elena Miu of St Andrews University on a programming contest (hosted at This contest was modeled on our old MATLAB programming… read more >>

Top 10 Files in 2016

As we move into 2017, lets take a look back at 2016.  Here are the most popular files on File Exchange in 2016 based on… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 24