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Community Q&A: Massimo Zanetti

Posted by John Kelly,

During the fall of 2016 MathWorks hosted a Scavenger Hunt and Triathlon to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MATLAB Central. Massimo Zanetti was the winner of the Triathlon so we thought it would be interesting to learn more about him…. read more >>

The Bacterium and the Blog – New Life on MATLAB Central 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Do you have aphid problems? Aphids are perfectly nice little insects with one unfortunate habit: they have a mighty appetite for the crops we grow. But how to get rid of them? Insecticides work, but they cause other problems. Better to use naturally occurring pheromones that can repel aphids. Now… read more >>

Robot Races Roll After Hours at the Museum

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Our post today is from Jeff Homer of our UK office in Cambridge, England. Jeff is an Application Support Engineer with a keen interest in controls, robotics and physical modelling. He was part of a team of people that built an action-packed crowd-pleasing MATLAB application: pitting tiny rolling robots against each… read more >>

Add-Ons and the File Exchange 5

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Earlier today I was pondering the fact that I needed some new business cards when I had a sudden brain storm. A sort of a meta-recursive brainstorm, really. I could picture the design I wanted. But first I’d need some help from Steve Hoelzer…. read more >>

Top 10 Files in 2016

Posted by John Kelly,

As we move into 2017, lets take a look back at 2016.  Here are the most popular files on File Exchange in 2016 based on downloads…. read more >>