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Colorizing text output 5

There have been a number of requests recently asking that we support colorized output in the Command Window (here, here and here). I won’t be offering a way to colorize the Command Window… 더 읽어보기 >>

How to be Top Mathematician 4

I consider myself to be a pretty good cook, but I am no Top Chef. On Top Chef the contestants have to cook their ingredients perfectly, which requires single-degree control of the temperature… 더 읽어보기 >>

The Function Browser 9

I’d like to welcome guest blogger James Owen from the Desktop team. James will occasionally be blogging here on the Inside the MATLAB Desktop blog.

If you have MATLAB R2008b (version 7.7)… 더 읽어보기 >>

Function Hints 17

In MATLAB R2008b, your command line just got a heck of a lot smarter. We now have autocompletion for function parameters, which we call Function Hints. It’s simple to explain, and easy to use…. 더 읽어보기 >>

New and Updated Desktop Features in R2008b 6

R2008b (version 7.7) is here! With it comes a host of great new features and updates to MATLAB. Below, I’ve called out some of my favorite new and updated Desktop features.
Be sure to let us… 더 읽어보기 >>

Let M-Lint help simplify your code 2

M-Lint is an indispensable tool when writing code in the MATLAB Editor. It spots errors and potential errors as you edit, which makes writing good code much easier. There’s one feature that… 더 읽어보기 >>

Choose a good font – your eyes will thank you 12

This past week I became aware that I was naively accepting MATLAB’s default code font, when I should be exploring the vast landscape of programmer fonts available. I finally settled on the… 더 읽어보기 >>

It’s all about the data… 10

You have data, right? You want to analyze and manipulate the data using MATLAB, right? The question is, how do you import this data into MATLAB?
It turns out there are many answers to these questions… 더 읽어보기 >>

Seeing also 6

Quan recently commented that he uses the “see also” part of M-file help as a way of finding related functions.
This made me think back to my early days writing MATLAB code, where my TA… 더 읽어보기 >>

Graphical user interfaces are just plain better 9

Graphical user interfaces are just plain better—better than pure command-line interfaces, that is. It should come as no surprise that a user interface designer and developer, such as myself,… 더 읽어보기 >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 28