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Controlling the MATLAB Path from the Editor 8

Quiz: When setting a breakpoint in a file open in the Editor, your primary motivation is

To stop at the corresponding line of code in the debugger.
To change the MATLAB current folder.
To add the...

Enumeration Templates

Ever since Class Objects were first introduced in R2008a, we’ve improved or added to their functionality. In R2010b, we have official support for Enumerations. Enumerations are type-safe… read more >>

Automatic Variable Highlighting 19

Another new feature in the MATLAB R2010b Editor is the automatic highlighting of variable and subfunction names. Highlighting a variable or subfunction usage is easy, just click on any variable or… read more >>

R2010b Comment Wrapping Improvements 8

In R2010b we made a series of improvements to the “comment wrapping” feature in the MATLAB Editor. In this two-part series, we’ll take a detailed dive into those improvements.
In this first…

Debugging Points 2

Every so often we’re lucky enough to have a customer come visit MathWorks and talk to us about his or her MATLAB experience. This week one such user gave us a great presentation of his image… read more >>

Editing MATLAB Code in Simulink

Guy Rouleau over at Seth on Simulink recently wrote about the different ways to include MATLAB code in a Simulink model. One of these ways is using an Embedded MATLAB block. Embedded MATLAB… read more >>

Editor Tab Switching 11

Ken’s been kind enough to point out in the comments on how to switch between open files in the MATLAB Editor. The keyboard shortcut

Ctrl+Page Up to move from right to left on the… read more >>

Selecting a whole line 16

I’m thinking of turning posts about our underutilized features into a reoccurring series. What do you think of “Hidden Gems” or “Desktop Tricks & Tips” or “11… read more >>