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ThingSpeak Microsoft .NET Class

Posted by Hans Scharler,

If you are building an app using Microsoft .NET / C#, you don’t have to start from scratch. [Brett] created a Microsoft .NET class for the entire ThingSpeak API. He included the general data fields, as well, as geolocation and status updates. You can download the class on Brett’s blog to help you get started with a ThingSpeak App very quickly.

Brett says,

ThingSpeak is a cool application that allows you to send it any kind of data you want graphed.  Your imagination is the limitation. Some ideas of what can be graphed:

  • How many beers you drank last night
  • The temperature of your office during the day
  • The CPU load of your server
  • The number of calories you’ve consumed
  • The number of calories you’ve burned

These are great ideas and applications!

[via The Cobwebs of My Mind]

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