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MATLAB for Typography?

I was wandering around the web and came across work by Ankur Pawar on flickr. He has some beautiful pictures with font embellishments, as well as gorgeous depictions of some transcendental functions.


MATLAB Typography on flickr

Here are some of the typography images that Ankur has placed on flickr.

Make These Yourself

Lo and behold, Ankur has entries for how to achieve these results on MATLAB Central. Download the code, and you can embellish on Ankur's work.

How about You?

Have you created some beautiful pictures in MATLAB that give you some special insight? I don't have a way to gather your pictures here, but you could post them here, with the right html formatting. To include a picture, you might use code like this, with obvious spaces omitted:

          <img src = "your url here">

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