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結果: Efficiency

Natural Neighbor – A Superb Interpolation Method 16

I'm happy to welcome Damian Sheehy as this week's guest blogger. Damian works on the development of geometry-related features at MathWorks. He will provide answers to two frequently asked questions; one on scattered data interpolation that he will cover in this blog and the other on Delaunay triangulation that he will cover in the next. Over to you, Damian...... 続きを読む >>

Process “Big Data” in MATLAB with mapreduce 2

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Ken Atwell who works for the MATLAB Development team here at MathWorks. Today, Ken will be discussing with you the MapReduce programming technique now available in the R2014b release of MATLAB. MapReduce provides a way to process large amounts of file-based data on a single computer in MATLAB. For very large data sets, the same MATLAB code written using MapReduce can also be run on the "big data" platform, Hadoop®.... 続きを読む >>

Recent Question about Speed with Subarray Calculations 8

Recently someone asked me to explain the speed behavior doing a calculation using a loop and array indexing vs. getting the subarray first.... 続きを読む >>

Delaying Evaluation of Function Inputs 8

When you call a function in MATLAB, MATLAB first evaluates all the inputs, and then passes these (possibly) computed values as the inputs. Recently Ljubomir Josifovski asked if... 続きを読む >>

A Brief History of polyval 4

When I first started working at MathWorks, there were already a few functions in MATLAB for working with polynomials. One of these, polyval, for polynomial evaluation, used... 続きを読む >>

More Ways to Find Matching Data 55

Today on the newsgroup, a user wanted help finding when values in a matrix matched some other values (see the post). There was already a solution posted when I was reading, but something... 続きを読む >>

Possible Test Scores 14

Walter Roberson, frequent contributor to the MATLAB newsgroup, posed the following question to me to use as the starter idea of a blog. Q: Suppose there is a... 続きを読む >>

Timing Extraction of Parts of an Array 10

In Sarah's blog, Dan asked about speed of removing elements. There are a number of ways of deleting elements in MATLAB. So, what's the "best" way? ... 続きを読む >>

Finding Patterns in Arrays 19

Recently, my colleague Jeff asked me if I would look at some code he wrote to find a pattern of numbers in a larger array. Without looking at his code, I... 続きを読む >>

Comparing repmat and bsxfun Performance 37

I've been asked repeatedly about the performance comparison between two MATLAB functions, bsxfun and repmat. These two functions can each help with calculations in which two arrays are... 続きを読む >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 29