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You’re So Vain

Dimitri Shvorob just made my day, without knowing it. He just posted VANITY, clearly one of the most brilliant submissions ever to see the light of day on MATLAB Central. In Dimitri's words: "When called, the function displays your FileExchange number-of-downloads and rank statistics, adds them to a history file, 'FileExchangeHistory.mat' in work directory, and plays Handel's Hallelujah Chorus if rank has improved since last time." This function has made me so much more efficient, and again lets me do one more thing without leaving MATLAB (see last week's pick). I can now check my File Exchange status several times a day without interrupting my work. Also, I couldn't help but notice that my POTW-mate Doug has recently crossed 10,000 downloads. Kudos, Doug! I remember my first 10,000 downloads fondly. ;)
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