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Frame by frame movies

It seems that whenever I need something, I go to MATLAB Central and someone has already coded it up for me.

That is what happened this week. I am working with some customers to get their Avian Influenza outbreak simulation working on a computer cluster and hope to present a joint paper about it at Super Computing 2006. The MathWorks has been attending that conference ever since we came out with our Distributed Computing Toolbox that allows us to run MATLAB on a computer cluster. The end result of the model we are working on is a movie showing the outbreak as it moves from farm to farm. I was thinking as I watched the movie in .avi form that it would be nice to be able to inspect the movie frame by frame. Alex has already written that for MATLAB movies, so it will be a simple matter to view the MATLAB movie with his tool rather than write the movie out as an .avi. Thanks Alex.

Avian Influenza Simulation

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