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New MATLAB contest tomorrow

I love the MATLAB contest, one of the great things about working at The MathWorks is I get to ‘play test’ the contest before it goes live. One of the bad things about working at The MathWorks is that I can not play the real contest. The contest starts tomorrow with me as a spectator.

Helen has posted the teaser to the newsgroup thread:

Hi all –

This is a reminder that our Fall Contest starts tomorrow,
Wednesday November 7th. We will post the contest overview
and rules around noon. Read carefully, as there are some
interesting new twists to the game, just to keep things

If you haven’t participated in a contest before, our
puzzlemaster creates a challenge that you need to solve
using MATLAB. You compete against others community members
to see who has the best solution to the challenge. The
contest will run until noon next Wednesday, November 14th.

Interested in reading more? Make
sure you get plenty of sleep tonight so you are ready to go

Best wishes,
Helen Chen
for the MATLAB Central Team

This should be a good contest, and this is one of those where I really have no idea how you all will solve it. It seems I say that every contest and the community manages to solve the problem very well.

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