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Alarm Clock(s) with Snooze Buttons

Never miss another appointment!

How cool! I'm sitting at my desk working, knowing that I have a call in 45 minutes. I can put a reminder in Outlook, of course, but I tend to get so many Outlook reminders that they become noise. Now I can easily set a reminder from within MATLAB, using Matt Fig's REMINDME utility. And let's face it--I'm a MATLAB geek who would rather see this implemented in MATLAB anyway. REMINDME is trivially easy to use, and is Brett's selection for this week's Pick of the Week. Just set a time and a reminder message (or use the default 'this is your reminder'), and continue working. At the specified time, a dialog box will pop up, prompting me to acknowledge the alarm and turn it off or hit a 10-minute snooze button:
By the way, our own Jiro also wrote and posted an ALARM with more bells and whistles. Jiro's version is much more full-featured; Matt's is easier to use. Grab one or both, and never be late again!

Published with MATLAB® 7.6

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