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Regular Expressions…a Cheat Sheet!

In my last Pick, I singled out someone who has contributed widely to image-processing discussions on the CSSM newsgroup. Today, I want to recognize a stalwart contributor to the MATLAB community, both through CSSM and through his numerous submissions to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. Anyone who has spent time posing or answering questions on CSSM knows of us. And though he has labeled all of his 41 submissions as "pedestrian," most are anything but.

Today's Pick comes to us from us. (Sounds circular, but power-user us apparently doesn't like capitals--or three-letter names!). In rex: a pedestrian regular expression operator synopsis generator, us has provided a very handy cheat sheet, of sorts, for creating Regular Expressions. For those of you who haven't yet delved the mysteries of regular expressions, they are powerful devices for searching or manipulating strings. But they can be cryptic to create or to decipher. Us's rex is a single-page reference for writing regular expressions. The commands can be written to the Command Window, or displayed in a listbox:

Many of us's files are Pickworthy. His functions are broadly useful, and his code is powerful, concise, and well-written. Give his files a browse--there's something there for everyone!


Published with MATLAB® 7.8

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