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Jiro's pick this week is Useful Figure Management Utilities by Michelle Hirsch.

One of the reasons I really enjoy programming in MATLAB is the interactive development environment (IDE). The various components allow me to be productive when I'm developing an algorithm or analyzing some data. But what makes the environment even more powerful is the ability to programmatically customize some of the workflows. The 3 useful functions provided by Michelle help with managing your figure windows. The function names are self-explanatory, but here they are.

  • figshift - This is useful when you create a couple of figures and quickly want to be able to click back and forth between the two. Calling this function will shift the current figure window slightly from the previous window, allowing you to easily click between the two.
  • fillscreen - As the name suggests, this "maximizes" the figure window to fill the whole screen.
  • showmethefigs - This is my favorite. By calling this after you create all the figures, you can cycle through all the figure windows by hitting a key on your keyboard.

While you can use these functions directly from the Command Window, I find them most useful by sprinkling these within my script. This way, my figures will be placed appropriately at the end of the script.



This entry was so useful that it inspired Mirko to create "Figure Management Utilities" with additional functionality. Do you have any other favorite utilities that allow you to be more productive with the MATLAB IDE? Tell us about it here or leave a comment for Michelle.

Published with MATLAB® R2014a

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