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MATLAB File Association Fix

Sean‘s pick this week is MATLAB File Association Fix by Patrik Forssén.

Have you ever gone to open a MATLAB file of any kind and it did not open in MATLAB? The one I remember frequently from my
days in tech support was *.mat files being opened in Microsoft Access because *.mat is also a “Microsoft Access Table”. Seeing how there are almost 500 downloads in the last month, this seems to still be fairly common.

Well if you run into this issue, Patrik’s file will fix it for you. It writes a Windows registry file with the file extensions
used by MATLAB associated with the release of MATLAB you run it in. It also provides instructions for backing up your old
registry file and then running the new one.

One note is that there are two new file extensions:


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Patrik.

Published with MATLAB® R2016b

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