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Convert your live scripts to markdown file

Jiro's Pick this week is Live Script-to-Markdown by Michio, one of my colleagues in MathWorks Japan.
As you know, File Exchange allows you to have your files hosted on GitHub. Suppose you wrote a nice README documentation, with examples, using a live script. Unfortunately, GitHub does not render and display your live script. You would need to rewrite your readme file as a markdown file.
Now, you won't have to rewrite your live scripts. Just use Michio's livescript-to-markdown entry. To be exact, it's actually latex2markdown, but live scripts can be easily exported to LaTeX so that's trivial.
It takes care of all (?) possible formating and components that can be included in a live script, including code, figure outputs, equations, lists, images, etc. Compare for yourself the readme file Michio created for his own entry: Live Script version, Markdown version.
Here's a snippet of the side-by-side comparison.
As he says at the end of the readme file, I "hope it accelerates your MATLAB life!"
Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Michio.
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