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Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Controller Example – Part 2 1

In my previous post, I introduced an example I recently published on MATLAB Central: Four-Cylinder Engine Ignition Control Simulation.
After describing how the plant model has been implemented, it is... read more >>

Simscape and Operating Point Management

In MATLAB R2017b, we added capabilities to manage operating points for Simscape models.
In this post, I will show an example of how to use this feature, and describe the possibilities it... read more >>

Detecting Failures with Online Parameter Estimation 1

In R2014a, System Identification Toolbox has new online parameter estimation capabilities. Let’s see how this works using a simple example! The Problem Let's say we have a setup where a DC... read more >>

Plant Identification Using the PID Tuner (Part Deux) 3

In a previous post, we highlighted how the system identification capability of the PID Tuner app can help identifying an experimental plant. Today we see another very useful application: Identifying a linear plant from a model that does not linearize.... read more >>

Plant Identification Using the PID Tuner

In R2014a, system identification capabilities have been added to the PID Tuner app to create a plant model, allowing you to do the plant identification and controller tuning all in one app.... read more >>

Control System Tuning without Guess or Stress

This week I am happy to welcome guest bloggers Pascal Gahinet, Suat Gumussoy, Erman Korkut, and Mathieu Cuenant to introduce systune and the new Control System Tuner app from Robust Control Toolbox.


slLinearizer: Batch Linearization of Simulink Models

This week I am happy to welcome guest bloggers Charu Fadnavis and Erman Korkut to introduce the new slLinearizer interface from Simulink Control Design. linearize vs. slLinearizer If you... read more >>

MATLAB Tech Talks: Bode Plot 1

This week we are introducing MATLAB Tech Talks - short videos explaining important engineering concepts in an informal and entertaining way. Carlos Osorio, our application engineer, and controls... read more >>

Configuring Models for Linear Analysis 1

One of the benefits of Model-Based Design is the ability to perform linear analysis on your non-linear model and design controllers using classical controls techniques. In R2013a, configuring your... read more >>

Implementing a PID Controller on an Arduino Board 20

This week my colleague Pravallika is back to continue her motor control story!

In my previous post, we saw how to estimate continuous transfer functions with System Identification Toolbox. We… read more >>

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